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Welcome to Bequia!

Bequia has two aliases: the old Arawak name "Bequia" means "island of clouds". The other is "the big little Island".

Don't let the first one deceive you, Bequia has a much lower elevation than St. Vincent Mainland, so it does not attract as many clouds. The second name is quite correct, Bequia for a little island really has a lot to offer:
Good hiking, beautiful beaches, nice bars and restaurants, and very friendly people. Nightlife is limited. If you want to combine a land and sail vacation, this is the perfect place to spend a few days at least (though some retired people spend months a year here) before starting a sailing trip.

Click here for a map of Bequia, huge file so it will open in a new window

Bequia is a favorite among yachtsmen, expats and vacationers, many of whom come back to enjoy the island's friendly, laid back atmosphere.
The main port Admiralty Bay and the "town" Port Elizabeth are situated on the leeward coast. The bay is a large natural harbour,Bequia Admiralty Baty so there are always yachts anchored at the pretty beaches lining it.

Port Elizabeth has a charming waterfront; take a stroll from the vegetable market, follow "front street" with its many shops, boutiques and restaurants, keep going along the beach walkway, maybe stop for a drink at the Frangipani or Gingerbread, or a roti at Lyston's Green Boley, or Porthole or a drink at Baje, you get my drift, plenty to see and do.
The walkway is being restored as we speak, donations are appreciated contact us for more info.

The more energetic can walk to Spring, a former plantation on the eastern coast of the island and from there further north to the turtle sanctuary at Industry.

Don't feel like walking? There are many friendly taxi drivers proud to take you on a tour of their island. This way you can, apart from the above also visit Friendship Bay (also reachable by foot of course!) in the south of the island, home of boat builders, fishermen and whalers.
A unique part of Bequia is Moonhole, the South Western peninsula , privately owned, NO guided tours by appointment at the moment.
North of Port Elizabeth are Crescent Beach Inn and the Turtle sanctuary. Since Mr. King started sheltering the small hatched baby turtles we have seen a marked increase in the turtle population all over the Grenadines. Donations are appreciated.

Evening comes, in Bequia you'll find plenty opportunity to enjoy a relaxed Caribbean nightlife and socialize with some of your new found friends. Enjoy!

Main Events are the Bequia Easter Regatta, you guessed, this takes place at Easter, fun for landlubbers and sailors alike.
The Bequia Blues festival takes place around the 20th of January in association with Basil's Bar Mustique.
The fishing tournament, organized by the Rotary club takes place in July.

Travel tip: Combine your stay in Bequia with a cruise through the Grenadines on one of our crewed charter yachts

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